About The Artist

Madeleine Socolar has considered herself an artist her entire life.  She was born and raised in Baltimore City in a family that frequented museums and valued all forms of art.  She came by her talents through her father's side and was always encouraged to pursue her creative passions from primary school on through college where she earned her Bachelors in painting.  Now facing the excitement of the real world, she continues to dedicate herself to her paintings while on the path to become an art teacher.  And while it is difficult for her to part with her work, she likes the prospect of her paintings being purchased by people who might enjoy them in their own homes.  

Madeleine's art stems from a fusion of reality and imagination.  She draws most of her inspiration from living beings with a particular interest in the female figure and animals.  Her style of painting largely depends on her choice of medium.  her oil paintings tend to be smooth with strange imagery and motifs that tap into the dream worlds of surrealism. 

In 2013, however, when she discovered her love for acrylics during a series of cats that she painted using predominantly black paint on paper.  Her painting style adapted to the medium in an entirely different manner.  As acrylics dry quickly, she paints in fast motion with bold strokes that stand out instead of hiding and pretending to be photographic.  She very much likes the personality that her paintings take on when she uses acrylic paints. 

Her latest series captures the quirky personalities of many different species of birds.  Each painting is acrylic on canvases of varying shapes and sizes, and each offers the viewer a unique interaction with a particular bird.  In order to accomplish this, she has used simplicity and a subtle touch of humor.  Her aim with this series is to create images of familiarity in an original way that makes people smile.  

Madeleine's artwork can be seen in the Art Gallery of Fells Point in downtown Baltimore where she has been an active member since August, 2015.  She cares deeply about her work.  She truly believes that there is a part of her soul in every painting that she completes, and she can only hope that others can see the joy that she felt as she created them.